And crash.

Clearly, I have reached the portion of this month’s programming where I become convinced that I have nothing to say, or nothing of interest to say, and one day missed becomes two, and then you contemplate throwing in the towel completely. I am not going to do that.

But what I have learned is that for me, part of this process is about creating structure around it. I may not have to write at the same time every day, but it has to fall into the same general block I think. I’m much more productive in the morning. Of course, today being the day I’m wanting to jumpstart my routine and get back in the swing of things, it also has to be a day off from school for my daughter. Fortunately she’s the crafty type so I am going to put her to work working on my costume for the Camp Mighty space party!

I leave for Camp Mighty in 3 days – I’m very excited. And a little intimidated since I keep discovering more and more people I admire who are going to be there. Yikes. But my goal is to be inspired not intimidated. It’s going to be awesome. I know we are going to hone in our top 5 goals for the coming year. I picked 5 a couple of weeks ago, but I think I want to revisit them. I want to make sure they are things I really want to do right now, not things I think I should want to do. Wants and shoulds. I kind of think of them like the Hatfields and McCoys. More on that later.

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