A little hiccup

Day 8 came and went. I was really busy all day, although as usual I anticipated having more time and more energy than was remotely realistic. So in addition to failing to post here, I also didn’t sew the new cushions for our kitchen bench, although I did get the fabric purchased. So maybe today.

I’ve been doing astrology chart readings for friends as a way to raise money for Camp Mighty’s project to support Charity:Water. I’m a newish student, so every reading I do is like a mini lesson for me. It’s really interesting and I’m so grateful to my friends for their interest and their willingness to share. So far, they all seem to be getting some good insight from the process too. But it’s also time consuming. And sometimes, you are faced with a friend’s chart that really confirms that they are going through some rough stuff. When that happens, you wish you say it’s almost over and sometimes you can. But sometimes you can’t. You can encourage them to keep doing the good things they are doing to take care of themselves, and you can tell them when the transit will end. Still, oof.

I did not sleep very well either. I am glad it is Friday.

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