The power of clothes – or why Fran Lebowitz always wears the same uniform.

Fran Lebowitz loves fashion, although she pretty much only wears Levi’s and Brooks Brothers button-down shirts. While I would not want to wear the same thing every day, I am very aware of the power and confidence I get from the perfect outfit. What makes a perfect outfit? It fits, both your body and the occasion. There’s nothing to fuss at. Nothing itches. You can focus on more important things. And it says that you know who you are and what you want to be doing.
My daughter, the girliest girl on the planet, wonders why I wear so much black and grey. Aside from the fact that I genuinely like dark tones, it’s because I feel clear and confident in neutral tones. And I like being able to throw on a pop of color when I feel like it. So most days, you will find me in blue jeans, a fitted t-shirt (probably black or white), and some kind of light cardigan. I live in New Mexico, so that helps.
And yet, you will find in my closet a random assortment of other items – odd jackets and colorful big shirts from a past fancy with clothing from Chico’s (no offense meant to the Chico’s-lovers out there!), leftover suits with padded shoulders from long ago office days (hey the 80′s are coming back!), cocktail-y dresses that never quite seem the right choice. I embark upon a closet purge about once a year. And I get rid of things. And yet, these remnants never make it out the door. I don’t know what I’m keeping them for.
My dream is not to have more – it’s to have a closet that never fails me. I want to slide open the door and know that anything I choose will look great and will fit – my body, the occasion, my purpose.

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