Photo Challenge Day 21

A favorite photo of myself? Despite my angst about the self-portrait prompt, I don’t mind having my photo taken by other people and am often pleased with the results. But in choosing a photo for today, I found myself wanting to go back to a photo that captures something I felt very empowered to be able to do:

And in the interest of honesty, here’s what was happening a split second later:

I’m really grateful we caught that moment of balance though!

Photo Challenge Days 17 – 20

So I have a confession to make first. I am not on Instagram – since I was too impatient to wait for Verizon to get the iPhone, am too cheap to upgrade before I am eligible to do it as inexpensively as possible, and actually like my DroidX. I have also decided that I want to learn how to use my camera more creatively, with the hopes of someday convincing myself that a DSLR is a worthwhile investment. SO my plan was to be inspired by the lovely photo challenge to both take pictures AND get in the habit of posting regularly. And it’s not been a total failure, but I think if I was playing in Instagram land, I would probably have a picture up each day. Sigh. As it is, there’s the taking of pictures…then later on the locating of cables and connecting to laptops…then the posting. And tomorrow is another day. Onward and upward!

Day 17 – Time

Day 18 – Drink

Day 19 – Something You Hate to Do
Day 20 – Handwriting

Photo Challenge – Catching Up!

What is it about starting anything new and trying to make it a habit…and then falling off the bandwagon in the first week? I don’t think it matters in the end IF you pick yourself up and keep going. With the photo challenge, my theory is that the self-portrait prompt for day 10 freaked me out. Which is ridiculous, especially since I found myself one week before that nodding in agreement to Tip #34 from Everyday Treats about getting over yourself and not hiding from the camera!

So I am getting over myself and offering up days 9 – 14:

Day 9 – Front Door

Day 10 – Self Portrait
This is me, getting over myself.
Day 11 – Makes Me Happy
Day 12 – Inside Your Closet

I don’t even have that many shoes – they just never get put away it seems.

Day 13 – Blue

┬áDay 14 – Heart

Courtesy of K, who never met an embellishment she didn’t love