Photo Challenge Day 7


I think the prompt was button (singular) – but man, we have a lot of buttons in our lives these days don’t we? We live with a 7-year old who has not yet outgrown her pleasure in pushing buttons – most of the time I remember to wait when approaching any elevator!

Other random thoughts of the day:

  • week two of post half-marathon recovery period…and getting itchy to run again. Last week, the rest felt good. This week, two weight workouts isn’t enough.
  • so close to the end of 1Q84. I don’t even know if I like it. But I want to find out what happens.
  • how do you train a dog to start sleeping in your kid’s room and not yours? The princess has suddenly decided that the dogs are cool and Lucy is the only one willing to get on furniture. Sam, the poodle, is much more logical and has figured out that it’s easier to just stay off all furniture. Lucy just won’t stay all night – out of habit she’ll still come to our room to sleep on the dog bed on the floor. We’re working on it.
Sam & Lucy

Lucy – the comfort dog

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