This is actually not the first time I have started this blog – but each time you line up at the start it’s a new beginning so that’s where I am. If I ask myself what I have to say, instead of just saying it…or I let that little voice in my head start jabbering about how many great voices are already out there…I’ll never start. So I’ve decided to just begin. And I’ll find my way along the path.

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • put more energy towards envisioning what I want before I worry about the how… let those dreams breathe a little air so they aren’t so fragile when I do try to figure out the how.
  • make connections to people whose work I admire … ask questions and learn from experience – beginner’s mind baby!
  • remember that being your big self sometimes means being your big selfish – time to put those big girl pants on. 

I just ran my fourth half-marathon this past Sunday and I’m planning to run the Chicago marathon in October – I know how cross a finish line. One step at a time.

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